2006 Easter Week in RI

Planning Marie and Adam's Wedding

April 2006

The Marandolas from San Diego and the Goffins (and Marie) from Wales decended on Joe's Family in RI for Easter Week to plan Marie and Adam's Wedding. From their hub at the hotel in Warwick, they visited one church, six hotels, three florists, three photographers and one engagement shoot during the day and spent the evenings and Easter Sunday with the RI families.

Photos below are the full get-togethers in the evenings.

The first weekend - Pete, Marylou, and Zarenne Family

Tuesday Night at Gary and Karen's

Thursday Night and Sandra and George's

Friday Night - Spaghetti Aglio and Easter Egg Decorating

Saturday Night - Back to Sandra and George's

Easter Sunday at Jim and Sandy's

During the days, however, the families from UK and California travelled 900 miles, all within the confines of Rhode Island. With different cameras, they captured some of their travels.

The First Day - St. Anne's Church, Lunch at Federal Hill

The Providence Biltmore - Selected for Wedding Reception

Jamestown Bridge - one day before destruction

Federal Hill




Colt State Park - Site of Engagement Shoot

Easter Sunday - at Church and with the Family

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