Grand Haven

Summer Vacation

August 2000

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Nicole and George Arrive George shows his new arm Marie and Nicole enjoy the story The Dobels Visit
Kristy, John, Sam (little guy), Bethany, and Kevin Cooking Blueberry Pancakes (23 lbs of blueberries were picked) Hey, we're getting hungry! After Breakfast, John caulks the new kitchen window
Trim man Joe does his part We'll take it easy out here Martin tends to the hamburgers End of day barbeque - what more can you want?
The view at sundown John, Virg and Ben David, Danielle, Judy, Conner, Emma and Eleanor We move to the porch for more light
Pete, Richard and Jeffrey David and Betty Joyce, Andy and his wife, John (Van Hoef) and Virg Laura and her children Ben and Anna

George and Nicole came up from Lansing for the day and brought us up to speed on the latest info (Marie really enjoyed agreement from Nicole on "Marie doing her own thing"). A few days later, the Dobels (Kristy, John, Sammy, Bethany and Kevin) visited from Wisconsin. Kristy worked with Joe in San Diego from 1980 to 1993. The Dobels and Marandolas went blueberry picking and hauled in 23 lbs of blueberries - so we made blueberry pies, blueberry pancakes, etc for the next few days.

John and Joe fixed one of the kitchen windows whose caulking fell out - but now we have no flower scene on one of the three windows. Imee's first order of duty when she returns next year is to decorate the window.

Joe and Gwen went out the last weekend with Susie and Mike Van Hall but we forgot the camera and have no pictures. Susie and Gwen are friends from working in Susie's family's restaurant during college summer vacations.

We saw a lot of our extended family (cousins, etc.) who came and went in the adjacent family cottages Roweswood and Forest Lodge and the kids were always playing together on the beach or in the cottages. Joe really appreciated the ride from Ben to Grand Rapids to drop off the rental car - as a side benefit, he got a private tour of the city and homes where Ben grew up (a mini Detroit trip). Pictures of most of the family are shown above (note: missing Susan - photo didn't come out).

We left on the 17th and things got back to normal for Virg.

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