Grand Haven

Summer Vacation

August 2000

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Having dinner with the Bokors Ruby Tuesday Restaurant is ok with me Mike, Marilyn and Gwen Marilyn strikes a point
And Virg responds Charlotte, Doug and Virg meet for lunch Virg and Doug Jr. Let's eat
We agree Hey, what are you ordering? Glen Eden when Virg's husband and mother rest Entrance
Grandmother..... and Father..... Virg and Gwen Going home
Dinner on the trip back to Grand Haven

Mike and Marilyn Bokor met us at Ruby Tuesday for dinner. Gwen and Marilyn were girlfriends together since high school. From the pictures above, you can see the group enjoyed seeing each other again. (On the way home, we went to see Marilyn's Mom - but no one was home).

The next day, we drove and met Doug and Charlotte Miller. Virg and Charlotte are longtime friends and were maids of honor for each other. Virg was in Charlotte's wedding when they were both 23 - about 60 years ago. Doug's son, Doug Jr. was visiting from Connecticut and Joe really enjoyed his conversation on his dual career - lawyer and minister.

Finally, we traveled to Glen Eden, the resting-place for Bob Rowe, Virg's husband and the father of the Rowe kids, and "Peachie", Virg's Mom.

It was a good trip.

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