Grand Haven

Summer Vacation

August 2000

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First home on Centralia Gwen lived here from 2 to 15 years old New Occupants Parked across the street - school attended (Stuckey Elementary) across the street
Let's go see our old house Parked with home behind us Fargo st. is still unpaved Pearson Junior High
Redford Union High School Grace Lutheran Church - we were all baptized here View from the parking lot - we recognize this Our next home on Chapman
Where we were as teenagers Cute home Our High School (Ferndale) at the time Gwen visits childhood buddy Cheryl McDonald
Virg and the Marandolas relax in Cheryl's backyard The ladies chat Cheryl's Mom Gladys with Martin and Gwen This dog is feisty
Okay, now he's calm

Our first visit was back to the old neigborhood and the first Rowe home on Centralia where the children grew up. The area looks pretty and the trees have all grown. Gwen went up and met the current owner and had a nice conversation. Stuckey Elementary School, where the Rowe kids went to school, was right across the street. They have since paved Centralia but the crossroad Fargo is still unpaved. We then visited our Junior High ( Pearson), High School (Redford Union) and Church (Grace Lutheran). Gwen said she really recognized the back entrance where they parked and entered every Sunday.

Then we found the second home (not far away) on Chapman where the Rowe kids grew as teenagers (Gwen lived there from about 15 on). We found Ferndale High School close by.

The crew then visited Gwen's childhood buddy Cheryl MacDonald. Gwen and Cheryl were together from the pre-teen years in school and Girl Scouts. During the visit, the moms Virg and Gladys talked about the activities they did together to support the Girl Scouts.

We then check into a hotel and went to find Mike and Marilyn (Gwen's maid of honor) for dinner.

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